More creatures and classes, should improve the game

Well for the new animals i think there should be

  1. Crows: for them there should be a Natural Mountian biome where stuff like trees grow, and when a tree dies theres a change of a crow making a nest

  2. Allinators: They should spawn in a normal river and swamp, Swamp having a 70% chance and 10% in river. they can be used to make stuff like furniture but the leather is hard to get

3)Cows: they will give stuff like milk, and milk can maybe be used to increase body by 1 for every 10 cups/mugs

4)Frogs: they will be a source of slime, witch has a strong smell and can be used for traps (Like a train of
slime to attrackt wolfs, foxes stuff like that)

Then for mobs i think there should be

  1. Undead hearthling: Like the rogue one but if they die they have a 35% chance to come back as a undead hearthling

2)giant lizard: if a lizard grows for 30 days it becomes a Giant Lizard, you can tame it but if you dont it will come and look for anything warm, camp fires, torches and masons pedastols(cuz yea… fire) and then go and lay in it until you put something cold on it or put the fire out

  1. cavemen: like hearthlings but really stupid…

4)Rogue Hearthlings: For example with the new happiness feature if they are the lowest one for 5-10 days they go rogue and start to kill people/work for the goblins and steal supplies

next is bosses

1)Realm keeper: they hold keys to other realms and can also drop rare resources

2)Wooden golem: If you cut to many trees within 5 days (25 maybe trees) it will summon a wooden golem, witch can summon those mini wood creatures and when its killed will fully level the one that killed it and give 30+ wood

3)Natures revenge: for example when you go to another realm and come back if you have destroyed enough of the world half your town will be destroyed and on fire with a boss in it. depending on how many gaurds you left some health will be gone. each lvl 6 gaurd will have taken 1 out of 16/32 depending on how much you have destoyed

next in classes:

1)Gun man: Evolves from engineer,
(level 1) basic piston,semi auto rifle, stuff like that
(level 2)colt, sawed shotgun in collab with the a normal engineer,fully auto rifle
(level 3)cobra, Basic sniper rifle, assault shotgun, Tazer
(level 4)Suppressor, Heavy sniper rifle, turret in collab with the engineer
(level 5) idk
(level 6)agian… idk

2)biologist: evolves from clerk
(level 1) Steroids,basic poison (for more poison)
(level 2)Tear gas, Plant poison, Gas bomb
(level 3)Lethal poison (for some bullets), tranquilizer (for taming big creatures)
(level 4)Thick gas bomb,Toxic water (to savatage goblins)
(level 5)bleach
(level 6)idk

3)Scientist:A whole new line of evelution
they do reasearch like
(Fertilizer) if you have cows they can crap and farmers can replace the dirt once they have enough crap
(Pure water) this will make your hearthlings more healthy, but you need bleach to make and biologist has to purify it
(Poison) this is for wild plants, if you dont have this theres a change that the food is poison

#Well thats all my ideas

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