Scorpion instead of wolves

When i think desert i think sand,no water and even less animals.Yes there are wolves in the real desert but imagine if i instead of wolves if when in the desert you where attack by giant scorpions that would drop strong leather and poison.

well in this morning’s stream @malley did say he wanted to get giant scorpions in eventually, however those would be the desert form of giant spiders, which he also wants to add :smile:

personally i think it would be cool if the desert wolves looked something like hyenas.

i just believe that the monsters you encounter in the desert be different to other biomes

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They will be different based on biome, don’t worry :slight_smile: The reason they are not now, is just because they hadn’t time to do it yet.

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Spiders?! I’m not ready for spiders yet! Who’s developing a flamethrower mod to balance this out?! cries

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