School Woes, and schedule crisis

I’m a middle school student with a troublesome schedule which includes Cross Country and gophering for marching band. I mostly wanted to post this to give a reason for my absence on the forum, as well as to give an outlet for conversation on the topic of school. Ohio school districts generally start mid to late August, and I know some people aren’t even back until after Labor Day. If anyone is in the same boat, please post, and college students feel free to post as well. I’d like to know how college schedules function in relation to free-time.

As a side note, sorry to @Geoffers747 in advance if this is a bit too off-topic.

I got back two weeks before labor day and I’m in Ohio too. We also went home two-three weeks after every other school for the summer. Our super-attendant wants to make it shorter.

Also, College? My brother is in college. He doesn’t go every day, and only goes for a few hours, however he has to study a lot to get good grades, mostly because he has those professors that just really don’t want to give anyone an A because they are just horrible people. He’s also taking ultra-hard classes and needs B-A grades to get into Med School to become a doctor, so, I’d just say it varies from person to person, college to college.

not to worry, you picked the right category… vent away! :smile:

Let me explain how life across the pond is to you people. I will be going back next Tuesday. You guys, you get almost 3 months off, right? How long do I get? Slightly over 5 weeks. Argh.

However, with my trip for P.E. and work experience, I do only have 6 days of school within the entire first month. But even so, 5 weeks?! We’re used to almost 7! And I blame you guys :angry: :earth_americas:

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Australia. Uni. Summer holidays are 5 months.

just thought that was a mildly relevant comment.

Hehehe, you lucky sons of guns. I’ve been in school for over 3 and a half weeks already. Since August 8… Unfortunate, but that’s how it is down here in the South.

Yeah school scheduling is the worst. I probably could benefit from not even posting on this forum because I don’t really get much homework done.

And I definitely could have done with more summer break… even though i’m in the U.S.

I realize how lucky I am to get back on september 6th (new york rules!) Love it here muhahhaahahhahahh >:)

@ScruffyEchidna My interest has been piqued. What is gophering? I’m really interested, because the first thing which came to mind was someone twirling a baton around, hitting people who are off-key…

I’m currently on a year hiatus from university, a job opportunity came up that I couldn’t pass up. Typically school started for me roughly around the first week of September, no one really attends that first week though because people are still choosing their courses. The school year is roughly 7 or 8 months depending on how exam scheduling goes, and we have a winter break of three weeks in between. I typically scheduled my weeks that I would have Fridays off, and I attempted to set it up that I had the bulk of my classes in the morning so I would usually get out before 2 pm. It was a nice little system which allowed me to still work full time and not accumulate debt.

This is the way things are set up in Nova Scotia, Canada. I suspect most Universities have some scheduling tricks you can pull to minimize the actual time you spend at school. The biggest influence on me were Profs and class sizes, if I was in a class of 40 + people where the Prof just regurgitated what was in the text well I just read the text at home and never went to class. Classes which were smaller and had more discussion you couldn’t miss simply because those discussions would make it on to exam questions. My second year of university was planned so well that I actually only had to go to classes for tests and exams. It was a magical experience which ruined me for the years to follow.

Yes, but do you get out before Memorial Day???

No I suppose it depends on when you start the vacation but hey I got out on June 26th

@Cookie Gophering is to “gopher”, as in “gopher this, gopher my case”. I don’t know if it’s a common term, but that’s what Mr. Sundman, the band director, calls it. It amazes me how little I can even view my own thread.

Took a trip to he other side of the world, and I’ll have to adjust for 11:30 hours, in a day. I’ll also be taking a class in 3ds Max, so I won’t get home until 10:00 PM each day! But there’s always time for the forums. And games. Especially at 2:00 AM…

Just reviving this thread for the sake of not having to start a new one, is anyone off for Winter break yet? (I would say Christmas but obviously with the globe-spanning community we have, there’s likely all sorts of different reasons people are off).

I break up tomorrow at lunch, am I the first? I’m doubting it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m off on Friday, and I’ll only be gone for a few hours tomorrow and Friday for exams (thank you, exemptions!), so that’s that.

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I finished last Friday, go back last week in January. Boom.


I finished today. (Too many years finishing the 23rd x_x…)

i’ve taken off a few days from work, starting this Friday…

will be taking the kids to see grandparents, etc. over the weekend… i did take off mon and tue as well though (next week)… but i have like 3 weeks of vacation that i have yet to claim… :confused:

So what are you supposed to post if you are home-schooled?