Monday 06.01.2014 a holidy?


Is tomorrow, the upcoming Monday, a holiday in the USA? Or is it a normal work day?


It’s a normal work day. What holiday is tomorrow supposed to be?


No holiday tomorrow in the Netherlands. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a holiday in the UK either (that I know of).


In Germany there is Epiphany(holy three kings)…don’t know if that’s the exact english translation though.


WHY DO I NOT KNOW THAT! I live in the Netherlands… like next to Germany… :walking: Peace! I’m out!


Ah I see!

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that before!

runs to wikipedia


In Austria too :wink: So I can watch American Football wildcard games today :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here in Croatia… religion


The first day back to school after winter break most students in the U.S. Probably considered a holiday for most parents. xD


3 Kings day for most Hispanics… 80)


normal work day for us! most kids don’t go back to school until Tuesday however…


med exam… so not for me here in brussels :crying_cat_face:


In Poland is also Epiphany/Three Kings Day. I dunno how it’s this day name in English.


In Ireland we have Lexio Brevis (This may not be the correct spelling) which is only a Half-Day of School but its still a sort of holiday


back to school and so i guess that means it has to be a normal work day. plus mail runs tomorrow so that really means no holiday


Was just asking because i hope T.Radiant will start working on the game again :smiley:


oh, have no fear… they are continually plugging away… no rest for the weary!

well, maybe some rest for @not_owen_wilson… he gets cranky otherwise…