Scaffolding is beautiful!

As a software developer and someone who’s played many building games, I just wanted to throw out a quick “thank you” for features like scaffolding. It’s so much cooler than just hammering on the ground and watching a building appear and it really looks spectacular. I don’t know how many hours the team had to throw at this, but it was worth every second.

I know these kinds of things can often go under-appreciated and we all always want more, so @Tom, @Ponder, @not_owen_wilson, @sdee and whoever else at Radiant: awesome job! I’ve been following development since the Kickstarter and have never been more excited to see what else you have to bring to the table.


couldnt agree with you more… it adds a very flavorful bit of realism to the world… :+1:

:clap: seconded!

and let’s not forget “the quiet ones”… thanks as well to @Albert and @Doug! :smile:


To me its always the little things that can make a game unique. The Scaffolding is without a doubt a REALLY nice touch.

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Thanks @jonzoid. You’re right, it was many hours of prototyping but I’m really happy with how they turned out!