Saying farewell to this building project

Hello everybody!

So… I have this urge to build grand projects in all creative games I get my hands on. It was about time to meet my match… In the last stream about building that got uploaded to Youtube on Nov 13th, Allie talked about needing to count every block before putting the walls down. This surely reminded me of this temple I started about a year ago (I think?). While switching constantly between two saves to always have a backup, I’ve already put maybe over a hundred hours in it. I’ve dragged this world across many alphas, hoping to have this thing finished one day and see hearthlings walk through it.

If you could remove the walls, there would be a layer of multicolored path mapping out where everything goes. This save just became way too slow, bugged and even stressful to work with. Now, the only thing that can get removed are the standalone blocks, and only one by one. And boy, does it take a while for the game to do that… Having 95% of the walls in place also means, that the original plan of where to put what got buried deep in both blocks and my memory. Because I have no way of correcting my mistakes, I’m just too afraid to play around trying to find what would look nice.

That’s one of the reasons why I decided to say farewell to this project. The second one being the celebration of the upcoming building overhaul that would had just… made this soo much easier.

Standing at the moment at the price of 2580 stones and 965 wood would doom this thing to be unbuildable by normal means anyway. I guess it would maybe make for a nice challenge.

So, if you care to dig around in my save, feel free. It’s Alpha 22, it wouldn’t work well in 22.5. There are also no active mods.

PS It was supposed to be the Herod’s Temple.

Happy Building!

Golda.rar (4.7 MB)


I like the style of this Building. But i see it more as a Rayya City. Would be nice see it in a city

You’re correct, I tend to play with Rayya’s children a lot more. The colors and geometry suit my style a lot better.