Saving a game results in a complete PC restart

Okay, so i know “Save Game” is buggy at the moment and sometimes it does save my game but 75% of the time it crashes my screen goes black then the program fails all together erasing any save game i had on their previously and it most cases it ends up in me having to restart my PC as its destroyed my CPU even after closing itself and i cannot preform any action on my PC…

EDIT: The last 4 times i have played it has closed and my save game is gone, its becoming unplayable for me :frowning:

You should post your pc specs, or else it wont help team radiant. also what version of the game are you running, latest or stable 64bit or 32bit.?Do you use any mods? Are there any error messages, if yes can you screenshot them?

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Some of my specs… This didnt happen prior to Alpha 8 @Tom SAVE ME!

don’t say “latest” its somewhat useless, in a week that data could be outdated :wink:
it also might invoke the rage of @Relyss

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Indeed i should have said build nr.

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