RPG: Stonehearth Edition

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In this game, your stats are

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

And they are divided into

  • Passive
  • Active

Active Mind, for example, is for problem solving and such.

This game is based off of d4s.

Each of your stats at the start is determined with 2d4, but you may add another one to two of your choice.

Character Submitting Form

(Everybody starts in the middle, and it will show more when you explore)

I will explain turns (and other stuff) when enough people sign up.

Class and Stuff Spreadsheet here
Stats Spreadsheet here

Awesome, I signed up!

signed up as well hope its not too op

signed up, can’t wait to start.

I’ve signed up. If you need a description of my race, check the Map Game thread. It’s somewhere in there.

signed up. check my Itcazie thread for info.

You aren’t showing up.

let me do it again…

Is it there now? :confused:

Yep, it worked perfectly!

great. :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

don’t know if it went through fully but i think it did

can i be a dark chocolate brown


Also, why two spreadsheets when you can have one?

Because one is the thing for the form. I will start the game as soon as I finish rolling the stats.

@Dwalus @TurtleSquish and @Prof_Crafter need to say what color they would like to be on the map.

Any type of blue, prefferably darker

Oh, brown I guess.

I’ll take a dark green.


Did the same answer for 3 questions:

What is your discourse name?

What race are you?

What would you like your character’s name to be?