RPG: Stonehearth Edition: Discussion Thread

Discussion Thread for the RPG. Knock yourself out.
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what were your guys classes

I will release the form if you would like.

maybe wait for some more also I’m not sure on sailor or admiral maybe sailor but i can’t really change it

Oh what the heck, here it is: Stonehearth RPG Form (Responses) - Google Sheets

hi i signed up
also i am a halfing rogue

@DinoD123 can you grant access

Sorry, my bad @Gridnick.

can i be shipwrecked sailor instead

is it just me but do i get a black block int he centre

its fixed don’t worry

Why is nobody picking spirit? It can be quite useful.

@ManOfRet, you got an amazing roll for Mind Passive.

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FYI: I didn’t pick spirit because my species’ lore is based around mind powers at this point, so I’m kind of trying to be true to the lore.

That, and I’m hoping for Telekinesis or Mind Control at some point.

And I’ve joined. I went for spirit/body and passive as I am a monk! An Akrobi monk to be precise, which were the spider-bug-vampire race I planned to mod in before Qubicle died on me. Salient points for them, chitinous armour, drider shaped body, saps emotions for sustenance, can eat near any physical substance, creates a silk with properties based on what stuff they ate, can harden the silk so it’s like wood or metal (depending on what they ate).

Holy spider-bug-vampire monk that punches or claws stuff to kill them? Yep.

How about this:

A four-armed mega-humanoid with lightning-quick arms that can wield any weapon less than 50 pounds with ease, as well as an exceedingly functional brain and exceptional decision-making and technical skills? I dare say, it seems we are at an impasse.

Except that I can literally devour your motivation and willpower through proximity, I actually need to emotions to live, they’re a great source of energy. While you would have an advantage due to weapon usage my spirituality and inherently magical army would help protect till you just give up because it’s not worth it to you. There’s a reason why they’re commonly feared, even though they’re peaceful they are still the number one cause of accidental df-esque murder-depression spirals of doom.

Perhaps so. I was not making an attempt to begin a conflict of any sort, I was simply reciprocating your apparent pride.

No hard feelings.

The Rahket are 8 feet tall humanoids with Giant grass hopper augmentations hailing from an area called the sun washed plains, they were humans who hunted giant grasshoppers until they came in contact with a disease that crippled them and ate their flesh. They found a cure in a chemical produced by the grasshoppers but it changed their anatomy and caused them to become the way they are now. like other insects like moths or butterfly’s they go through at least two different stages of life the first is the 8 foot tall grasshopper appendage and tinker assisted body stage (needed for them to move about and interact with their environment otherwise their Grasshopper limbs would be useless) then after they die no matter if it is of a natural or other more devious cause other than the total destruction of the body, the Rahket “dissipates” into the ground and enters a cocoon state in which they lose their grasshopper limbs and gestate into a 3-4 foot tall Rahketii elder. The Rahket are infertile until they be come a Rahketii elder. The elder has an appearance of weathered leathery bronzed skin, sinuous muscles and a very compact and scrappy frame, they lack hair and are much stronger than they look (the stronger ones able to take down a Cow sized Grasshopper and weaker more than able to put a young Rahket in their place)

The Rahket are generally described as nomadic in nature, following the migrations of the giant locusts they hunt for food, shelter, tools, weapons and armor as well as steads.

@DinoD123 could you change my race to Kendar?
Also are we working in a team or as separate persons?