Roof type(nordic roof)

I would love to see a Nordic style roof as a choice a what other types of roof you guys hoping for?

I imagine [url]this thread[/url] will be of interest to you then.

Would love to see all the family favourites: thatched, Japanese/ Oriental style, Nordic.

ok, sometimes i actually learn from Google!

butterfly roof? but yes, definitely looking forward to the hearty structure of a norse-themed roof… similar to those depicted in Skyrim’s architecture… and as @Geoffers747 mentioned, many of the Asian varieties would be welcome additions…


This is cooking on the back stove, but it needs a lot of work.

I think the top pieces on the end of the roof will need to be at the higher resolution like the doors and windows. That way I can differentiate houses with different top pieces.

Well that’s the plan also I have another grander design on my pad in front of me but that will most likely remain a dream…


So many roof styles all over the world would be crazy to implement them all but still would be interesting to see them all i am so torn…

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nope, sorry… i withdraw my submission… but seriously, wicked design… again, all your mods will be insta-download…

I need to get this program and im thinking more basic then your design and more of a faster raising roof.