Customizable Roofs, Arches, Columns, and More!

I would really like to see roofs become open to free-handed designing. For instance, if you have multiple rooms you can give them different roof shapes, pitches, and orientations. Maybe click-and-drag roofs like with floors? I’d also really like to see support structures such as decorative arches and columns. What do y’all think? Are there any other structural features you’d like to see (struts, buttresses, etc.?)


A hard thumbs-up on this direction, and I think it’s safe to say we are going to see much of this eventually. Once a lot of the wrinkles are smoothed out in the coding, I would imagine we’ll be able to add unique roofing per room, multiple stories with possibly walkways from second floors to nearby hillsides or other structures, and a much cleaner UI.

My biggest pet peeve currently is that I can’t plan out what furniture goes where before placing the flooring. But I’m sure this kind of thing will be adjusted soon enough.