Roller Coaster Tycoon - It's Unofficial Sequel!

Hey everybody!,

Just wanted to bring this to a few others’ attention.

So, first things first… And I just now found all of this out…

Unfortunately, after the reviews and word of mouth that I’ve heard and seen, it appears that the actual sequel to the Roller Coaster Tycoon series… Roller Coaster Tycoon World… is causing a bit of a ruckus with fans of the series and just isn’t that good, simply enough. Now of course, that’s only what I’ve heard and haven’t played the Beta myself. So! If you’re still interested to trying it out, the game’s now on Steam for $50.00 and is still in Early Access.


While reading through the reviews and news of the game, I found out about another game.

A game made the creators of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, from an indie developer named “Frontier”…

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces Planet Coaster!

I took a look at some gameplay of the game, saw the trailer, checked out the website… all of that junk. And the game looks AMAZING!

SO! If you’re a huge fan of the Roller Coaster Tycoon series like I am, then I highly recommend checking out this game!

Here’s their website:

Here’s their Official YouTube Channel:

And here’s a little gameplay review from Nerd Cubed:

So yeah! I hope some of you water at the mouth when you see this stuff like I did!

Thanks for reading!



Planet Coaster is an absolutely beautiful game, and while I’ve so far been able to keep myself from forking up the cash for the alpha, I’m probably going to do that soon.

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently enjoying many of the pictures from thePlanet Coaster board on Shyguy’s World, a forum originally dedicated to RCT3.

Fun fact: Frontier was the company who developed RCT3, as well as the RCT2 expansions. So they definitely know what they’re doing. Also, they have animators who’ve worked with Pixar.

The hype is so real.

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Oh, no kidding!?

Huh, awesome!

I was really saddened to see that Roller Coaster Tycoon World was taking such negative feedback from fans. But to know that the people who worked on RCT3 and the expansions for RCT2… well… it just all feels right again!

Thanks for letting me know.

Oh! And the fact they have animators from Pixar is just… huh… it’s just… I have tears in my eye… : D

But yeah, this game looks absolutely awesome!


Thanks a lot. That actually looks super cool, RCTW seems like a rehash of the earlier ones with nothing new added. I haven’t been excited for a Roller Coaster game in a while, Planet coaster looks pretty sweeet.

I love Planet Coaster! Well, watching people play it for now… I’m so for Planet Coaster rather than RCTW (Rollercoaster Tycoon World) ! I’ve been looking forward to this game since last year and I’m dying to play it! All the great and wonderful things you can do to the park is just such a fresh new step in the tycoon genre. I can’t wait to see what happens when this game fully releases…

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I just wanted to mention that Planet Coaster just released its beta, adding full recoloring instead of its default color pallete, and squares that aren’t the backs of windows. And so, of course, I’ve started seriously working on an attempt at a Stonehearth themed park. Right now, I just have half of one building, but I’m pretty excited with how it’s coming along and I’ll probably share here once I get a “tier 2” “main street” done. Other planned areas included a Rayya’s Children desert town, and a tier 1 Ascendancy village.



Wait, wait, wait…!

A “Stonehearth”-themed park!? Huh! What an awesome idea!

Make sure to make a thread showing it off once you’re done. I’ve got to see it!



started playing it too. Find it very difficult to make great buildings or roller coasters. Do like all the creations you can find online :slight_smile: hope to see your projects soon Coasterspaul

I’m looking forward to getting Planet Coaster. I’ve been a huge fan of these types of games since RCT1, and still play RCT3 sometimes. Hopefully after the holidays are done I’ll be able to purchase this and finally have another decent tycoon game!

Planet coaster is officially out. I was a bit disappointed there were no additions to the rides or the scenery or the building materials compared to the beta version. Did expect some unlocked items but nothing to that affect. Any of you seen some difference between beta and full release? Cause if not I feel really bumped that we only got 2 weeks early acces for pre-ordering months ago

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Unfortunately, for one, I haven’t bought the game yet, so I could be out of the loop here…

But as far as I have heard, the BETA was feature-complete and was only for bug fixes. Although, I’m sure they added a few things even in that time…

But who knows! I’m sure there’ll be some DLC, or mods, or just general add-ons on a later date!

Either way though, hope you enjoy the game! If you have some cool creations, make sure to show them off on their and this forum! I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff the community makes!


They added animated ride doors and a couple of rides during the beta. [I basically only played right at the beta’s launch and then after the actual launch, so all that feels like new additions to me.] I do hope they take a look at water rides after release, because they definitely look a little rushed (and feel like it too, from what I’ve heard).

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Planet Coaster is truly awesome no doubt about it over the weekend along I somehow reached over 20 hours of game time!!!

check out my castle I made on the steam workshop.

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@easto1a, and @Doc_Brano,

If I was cool enough and knew how to throw in gifs or expressive items, I would totally do it here…

But, for now… my current expression is similar to 0 _ 0 !!! AWESOME!


haha thanks its on the workshop so u can easily DL it as a blueprint it is expensive though about $10,000 but then so is the golden chest and this is a whole castle!