Kickstarter: Parkitect

@SteveAdamo you missed one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A game in the style of Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Parkitect is a simulation game where you get to build a successful theme park! Design roller coasters, install shops and thrill rides, and top it all off with incredible scenery and dynamic landscapes. Management is key: you’ll have to look after employees, resources, and park infrastructure. Fail at that and face the consequences! Unhappy cashiers might annoy guests, unhappy custodians will leave your park a mess, and unhappy ride maintenance teams will leave your guests a mess.
We’re approaching this inspired by other games of the genre and our love for simulation games and theme parks. We’re setting out to create a modern experience with new features and ideas that previous games lacked. We’re creating a fun, colourful environment reminiscent of amazing theme parks around the world. With that in mind, we’re focusing our visual aesthetics on the cartoony and colorful, while maintaining (mostly!) realistic ride designs.


Shops require resources to be able to sell something. You’ll have to ensure a timely and efficient delivery of resources to the shops in your park. At first this might mean hauling it by hand, though other means will become available.

Employee Management

Shopkeepers, cashiers and ride operators keep your park running. Just like guests, they have their own needs that have to be fulfilled. Unlike guests, they require special infrastructure buildings to keep them happy. Unhappy employees could cause negative repercussions throughout the park.

Maintaining the Illusion

Guests don’t want to see the “behind the scenes” parts of your park. Build separate roads, paths and utility tunnels to keep resource transports and staff discretely hidden from your guests. Scenery doesn’t just make the park prettier to look at, but ensures that your guests will never get a glance at the parts of the park they shouldn’t see.


hahahah… nice one! i did actually see this, but passed right over it for some reason… i think it was the cheesy name… :blush:

but now that i’ve taken a closer look, this one looks rather nice… thanks! :+1:

WOW! Looked like the good old day of Rollercoaster Tycoon :slight_smile:
So one more project to watch after… could be a nice one…

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Yea, the promise is good. But they also leaning on some nostalgia :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, but every indie game has to do that today. Even Stonehearth wouldn’t feel so great without some fantastic memories about “the old games” like the Settlers, Cultures or something like that. I think it’s a good game for talented teams to get some attention without beautiful graphics or the best gameplay/AI.

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I’ve got Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum Edition when it was on sale, so I dunno . . .

Agree. Bringing back the best of old games is something I support.

Me too :smile:. I dunno why people like 3 less than the first 2. I personally think it is an improvement on the first 2. with families, improved graphics and tons of themed attractions.

Even though bringing back the best of old retro games is good, but I have noticed that many indie titles use the generic retro style of graphics and such, which in whole makes the style repetitive, unless you can add a twist to it, like 3D retro style, like Stonehearth.

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to me it just made me download RCT1 off gog haha i dont know if its worth getting it doesnt add much imo or if it does they need to show it off more

It looks too much like RCT1, which I think came out more than a decade ago.

What is this gem!? By god, it’s a diamond in a pile of cobblestone! I was a huge fan of Roller Coaster 3, and thought it was the best one in the whole series, and I can definitely see some of those elements implemented into this.

Although on the graphical side of things it’s kind of low… Not saying that it would be a bad game due to this, but I would like a theme park sim that was just as amazing or better than Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. This does look more promising than Roller Coaster Tycoon Worlds… I mean an beefed up version of their app is what I’m expecting.

Looks great though, I will definitely throw them $50.

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I have a bit of hope in it, but if they really want to step up to RCT3, then they need to improve their game with more features and functionality than RCT3, and improve their graphics by a bit.

Oh yeah, the music in the trailer kind of sounds like something you would hear in The Sims.

66 hours to go, and I’m still don’t think I’m going to back this. Even though I’m not a graphics whore, the graphics look too simplistic, old, and wonky for today’s technology, especially since I heard it’s using a 3D Game Engine, which is strange since this game looks like it’s in 2D. I also haven’t seen anything that makes it different than the RCT games, besides the “Maintaining The Illusion” thing, which is not interesting at all. Also, I heard that RCT World is coming out early next year, so that is very bad timing for this game.

Hi, I’m from the future. RCT-World has already gone through 2 developers. One quit and is now suing, the other seems to have dissolved. The update blogs were inconsistent, coming every few months or so, only sometimes with an actual picture. For a while, it looked like we might not get anything. It seems to be slightly back on track (a couple blog posts in a month, both with one picture? I know, I can hardly believe it myself!), but…

On the other hand, Parkitect is doing pretty well. The developers are actually listening and replying to suggestions and feedback on both their subreddit and on their chunk of <a href=",123.0.html"Shy Guy’s World, a roller coaster/theme park building/simulation game enthusiast forum I frequent. They’re also giving us week[end]ly updates on their devlog.

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