Rock Golem: The Cave Dweller. (Enemy)


The Rock Golems is a creature that travels the caves and mountainous regions of Stonehearth. A giant creature taller than the average Earthling and stronger, it will take more than one to take him down.

They are fed up of the Earthlings stealing their stone and destroying their caves and will attack on sight anyone found in the caves.

How will the Rock Golem spawn?

  1. Present in Caves created by the Rock Golems (not viewable until wall broken down. Visual respresentation WIP.)
  2. Can burrow up from the Cave floor if Earthlings are close by breaking down cave walls.

Having the mining system in Stonehearth has really brung a whole new level of gameplay to the board and I would love to something like this, or similar implemented in the game. If only some modder could do this :stuck_out_tongue:


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