Nature faction should only come due to specific reasons, not like the goblins and undead(Black cord)

I like the stone golems and the new enemies in fighting, however to me they just seem too random and have no purpose of being there. I liked the idea of chopping down forest after forest (keeping track of # of trees cut minus the difference # of trees grown) brings entlings and eventually ent titans, why not mining up caves will do the same with golems, so as to create a more meaningful purpose. Sorry if I sound like I am asking to much, and I love what you guys are doing to the game, I just think that adding more consequences to your actions and making you think before you do things is a more interesting approach and adds more depth, not just random waves like the system now. (however I think the random camps are great and should still be a thing along with undead and goblin random spawns; just not the nature faction to an extent). I believe the nature faction should only come if you hurt nature in specific ways not randomly; like crocodiles only come if you come to close to the waters in very watery area, and wolves spawn in areas that have a higher value in animal wildlife.(as seen on the map when rolling for a new seed and choosing a spot). This is just my opinion and keep doing great work TR!


Right now I feel it is ok just to test out encounters, but later on nature being much more based on you doing somthing would be nice.


while golems are made of stone, they are technically man-made creations. it’s not like the stone is actually living, magic is moving the rocks around. it’s like if you moves a puppet around with strings - even if you manage to get the puppet to open a door, the puppet isn’t actually alive. making it spawn because you mined the ground wouldn’t really make sense when talking about in-place fantasy creatures. in fact, they will likely end up being a type of “siege unit” in the game. get a geomancer to create a golem and let it wreck havoc on the enemy’s walls. the only time you would fight golems would be if another civ decided to declare war on you. the ents, however, might be nice… except at the same time you could have your hearthlings wiped out before you could actually set up a good enough defense simply because you cut down a bunch of trees for your houses. and even so, ents would usually be a threat of the terrain - ents don’t live everywhere, they only live in certain areas, and you would know if they did (it wouldn’t be a forest, it’d be a “magical forest” or “living forest”, and would have threats associated with that. don’t want to fight ents? don’t enter the magical forest). instead of it being “you hurt nature”, it’s more like “you encroached on our terrain”. the same can be said of wolves and the like. there’s going to be biomes, and different biomes will have different threats and rewards.

the system in place is just to get things put together and working, the final product will look quite different, so there’s no need to worry about that.

having monsters randomly appear because you decided to chop down a few trees doesn’t make much sense except for wildlife attacking you for tearing down their homes. there already is a real backlash to tearing up the terrain, and it makes sense - cut down all the trees, and you will have no readily accessible source of wood. you’ll have to trek across the map and risk being killed by mobs or farm your own trees at a much slower pace. tear up the ground and it will be hard to make a base there. it’d also be hard to actually maneuver through that area, as well. cave-ins likely won’t be added, though.

I can only imagine enraged rabbit or raccoon mothers besieging your camp 3:


"… what, behind the rabbit?"
“it IS the rabbit!”


Would be great to witness the small camps develop if not dealt with quickly, generating more numbers and stronger goblins if you don’t nip em in the bud early :slight_smile:


Monty Python Yay
By the way , we need a killer rabbit, as pet :smiley:

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It seems like that the devs are alllllllready on it.
The Black Cord is one of the first steps for that. A little bit lore for the undead attacks.