Review copy for a little known youtuber?

Been following the game for awhile, and i have to say this is one of the games i’m looking forward to the most.
Towns kept me busy for awhile but i’ve been having second thoughts with it due to the lack of updates they do on it.

Now to the point of the topic, i was curious if any type of review copy would be available? I run a small channel and to be honest, i’ve been told the best way to grow is find something you like and see if you can become a part of its community. Not sure where i’d ask, as i don’t trust the /contact things that most websites have. Thanks and i hope someone can get back to me :grin:

They sent YouTubers a pre-alpha build a few months ago, just before their Kickstarter. As far as I know the only other thing they’re doing for YouTubers is giving them the Beta a week or two early. I’m not sure if this includes just the people who were sent the pre-Alpha builds or not. You can always contact them by going to @Tom’s page (by clicking his name here) and sending him a private message.

Good luck with your channel, I might watch your content if you’d tell me what it’s called :wink:

How long have you been following the game? Because it seems like you just made your account less then an hour ago. The best way to get in contact with any game devs is to use their contact page, you have no reason to not trust it? They only gave out the pre-alpha builds to a small group of large youtubers. A review copy may be possible though depending on how large your audience is, keep hope :wink:

I’ve just realised…his avatar picture is almost identical to mine…imposter! :scream:

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The channel is called LifeNetStudios and i tend to bounce around games, but i’ll go ahead and try the contact and see where it gets me. As for people that asked, i didn’t make an account untill just now becuase i was more or less just lurking, had nothing to post untill now.

welcome aboard @BashArkin! :smile:

given that he has 100+ (at least), this might not be the best route… :smile:

as has been mentioned, Radiant provided pre-alpha builds during the KS campaign, to help raise awareness and pledges… those same folks will likely get another copy (beta) 1-2 weeks before the rest of the backers…

as for getting a copy as well, its unlikely… but your best bet would be to reach out to @CannonJunior (Chris) via … again, unlikely, but you could give it a shot! :smile:

i’m going to lock this down, but your thread reminded me that @Geoffers747 and i need to (eventually) put up an “official” youtube list for folks who will be providing LPs, etc for SH…

good luck @BashArkin!