[Res] SGT2 Bug: Setup wizard ended prematurely

continuing the discussion from The Stonehearth Graphics Test Thread

I just found the solution for me regarding this issue. I had Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware anti-malware program running when I was trying to install it. Even though I got no errors or notifications from ad-aware saying it was blocking something, it was actually blocking it.
I was able to install the alpha just fine when I had uninstalled it for some reason, but once I reinstalled it and turned it on again, I couldn’t even start the game. I guess I need to tinker with the anti-malware program to see if I can get them to work together.

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wow, excellent! thanks for the follow-up… we’ve had a couple of other reports of spyware and malware software causing issues, but thats a fairly common thing…

glad to hear you were able to narrow it down! :+1:

I guess I spoke too soon. I went to play it again just now, and it said the shortcut was invalid and removed the shortcut from my desktop. And now I can’t install it again. This is odd. It’s not like I’m downloading new version and installing new stuff…

I decided to activate the steam key to get around this issue. Thanks!

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excellent! I’m sure there is a FAQ entry buried in here so somewhere… :wink: