[Res] "Red Alert!" mode throwing Assertion errors

Failed assertion error when toggling off the “town watch” mode.

Been getting this error almost every game I play when I toggle on/off the “town defense” mode. Normally it hasn’t lead to much but in the last to towns I created, I ended up with invincible goblins in one and in the other goblins never came back.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for unsuspecting goblin to show up.
  2. Toggle on “Red Alert!” mode.
  3. Wait for townsfolk to properly murder encroaching goblin then immediately toggle “Red Alert!” off.
    4.) Assertion errors should follow immediately afterwards.

see above.


Versions and Mods:
Alpha 4 v129 - no mods

System Information:
Windows 7 x64
Nvidia GTX 560 ti
16gb ram
Intel Core I7-2600k @ 3.4GHz

Fixed. Thanks!

As a temporary workaround until the next patch, if you don’t click on the bulletin, the error won’t occur.


good gravy @Albert… 11PM on a Saturday night? you are the very definition of an overachiever, aren’t you? :smile:

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Awesome! Thanks a ton for the reply and the fix! I’d also have to second the words of @SteveAdamo on this one.

Ha, thanks (I think). Having a 2 year old makes me work some strange hours…