[Res] [r156-r180] Building options (roof height, color, slope, wall style, etc) do not update

This is in relation to the yellow highlights, numbers, slope. It does not just affect the roof tab. It seems to affect all building settings.

  1. Build a building or place a template.
  2. Click a wall and make it different than the rest
  3. Click another wall. The selected wall style does not change

The above holds true for seemingly all building settings when clicking on different elements on the same building or even when clicking on an entirely new building.

Edit: The settings call all still be changed, they just appear to be selected wrong.

Edit again. Here are two screenshots:

  1. The white wall on the left is selected. I had just changed this to a white wall so the yellow selectors are correct.

  2. I then clicked on the brown striped wall. The yellow selectors did not update to indicate which material I chose.

Still present in r166.

Still present in r180.

Adding this screen capture. Selecting a face of the building does not change the currently selected material in the building designer.

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This is fixed, probably with the new building editor. :smile: