New Building Options Inoperable with Prefab RC Templates

New Building Options Inoperable with Prefab RC Templates

The new Slope/Direction/Size change options are accessible when building the Prefab RC Structure templates, but do not appear to be functional. (none of the new buttons seem to do anything).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a template to build, navigate to the new build customization options and attempt to make changes.
  2. Observe no visual changes to the ghost model of the building that reflect the settings changes you’ve made.

Expected Results:
Either these options should work as designed or not be present, depending on what is intended.

Actual Results:
Nonfunctional UI elements.

Video: Link
Save Game: Link

Versions and Mods:
Alpha 13, dev-2720 x64, vanilla

System Information:
Win10 x64

I believe you also need to select the part of the building you wish to change for effects to happen. In the Video you are selecting different options but do not have the roof selected so it won’t make any changes to that specific roof (Until Selected). What it will affect is any NEW roofs placed (If that makes sense). I believe this is intentional and has been this way for as long as I can remember.

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I think I get it, but please clarify: Do I click on the Roof on the diagram, and then select a roof type from the options below the diagram?

If so then chalk this one up to UI/UX confusion. They’re already thinking about a Building UI refresh anyway so we can move this over to Suggestions (or wherever it fits better).

Generally those config options should be disabled or invisible until they can be used, with tool tips to explain what’s needed to enable them, or other supporting UI. etc.

Click the roof and then make any changes you want to it. Changing the settings before clicking the roof will only apply to any newly created roofs in the editor.

…but those config settings only appear after you’ve clicked the roof. And you can see me click on the roof in the video in order to access those options. That’s where I’m confused.

Ah sorry i’ll clarify, Click the ghost preview roof of the house not the UI.

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Ahh. Thanks. I did that too though, at exactly 1:45:25. Notice how my mouse cursor switches to a Red X when I pass over and attempt to click on the ghosted roof?

Thanks also for diving into this with me. There’s clearly UI/UX confusion (for me at least), but this will help TR isolate the exact source of confusion.

I believe the reason for the Red X is telling you that you cannot place a roof there (Because you have clicked the roofing tool). I can definitely see how it could be confusing if that happened though and i too hope it helps TR in so way!

Hmm… weirdness. I wonder how one would modify the roof on a prefab building template if not in the way I attempted here?

You select the template you want to build, place the ghost where you want it in the world, and then set about customizing it before you confirm your choices and begin the build. …right? Is there a different process?

You would have to deselect the roofing tool first by right clicking and then click the ghost template roof. It’s not that you can’t edit it, it’s just that in the video you have the roofing tool selected. If you hadn’t of had it on you would have selected the roof for editing.

Ahhh… so one method (clicking the roof tool) is for placing new roofs in the world, and the other method (clicking on the ghosted roof itself) is for modifying an unbuilt roof (when the building is still a ghost). So, really, what should probably happen is that the roof tool should act like the second method when a prefab is selected.

This is probably academic at this point, since they’re already mid-revamp the build UI, but regardless, thanks for the… err… discourse. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@megashub and @Tranzy, great discussion, are you in agreement that this is NOT a bug, and just a strange UI design choice?

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While I haven’t tested the alternative process Tranzy supplied, it certainly does seem like it; yes.