Roof in New Build Mode problems


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I realy liked the new design builnding interface. But there just a problem when buinding tue roof. This squares never get checked, now matter how much i click.

And make the roof looks like this, and keep at it.

Its just a small thing.
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My ID: dfaf21d1-bca2-408b-b40b-7e6d5865ee8d

The UX there is not great. The roof is not selected by default when you create it, even though its settings Ui shows up. If you click the roof, you should be able to change its settings.

If you click with the pointer tool on the roof, you get access to all kinds of arrows that allows you to edit it. The width, height, etc. Try that

im trying right now, the box dont get checked and the roof keep like this no matter what

I’ve also noticed with stairs sometimes they pick their own colors based outside of what you last chose for them…I hope you guys can fix both of these issues :).

First, select something else, like a wall. Then you select the roof.