[Res] [r153-r180] Job promotion tree does not auto-update

I’ve actually noticed this for the past several versions. The job promotion tree doesn’t update itself as things change. For example, if I try to promote someone right when the game starts, no promotions are available because all of the talismans are being held and are not on the ground/in a stockpile marked as available.

Even when the items get dropped, the job promotion tree doesn’t update and show me the new available jobs. I have to close the tree and open it back up.

Nothing available; notice carpenter’s saw was dropped on the ground so I should be able to promote to that job.

Closed and opened right back up. Jobs available.

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im not sure I would classify this as a bug… you’re effectively saying the UI should update to show available promotion tools, regardless if the tools are accessible from a stockpile… yes?

This UI allows me to promote as long as the talisman for the promotion is either on the ground or in a stockpile.

If I open this promotion tree before a talisman exists or is available it will not allow me to promote. This is fine. However, if a talisman becomes available (on the ground or in a stockpile) while this window is open, it does not update. I have to close the promotion tree and reopen it to see the changes.

All of the other screens auto-update. For example, if I’m placing items, the item list will update with new items as my carpenter builds and places them in a stockpile. I imagine the promotion tree should behave the same way.

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Can confirm this in r151.

Basically, @jonzoid’s saying the promotion UI should update whilst open if a new profession talisman appears useable whilst it’s open. ATM it does not.

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understood … thanks for the clarification folks… [tagged]


Still present in r180.

Still in the new version of this dialog in R375. See 45:53–46:16 in the attached video.

Fixed, but this probably happened way back when they redid the job tree.