[Res] Not a bug, a detail : misplaced voxel on the comfy bed

Probably the tiniest detail one can find! :sweat_smile:

A golden voxel got a 1 voxel offset between the 2 models (normal vs occupied comfy bed):

Who’s the one in charge for models? @Tom?

But btw, should this kind of stuff being reported? (not really a fatal bug…)


Now that I’ve noticed that, I won’t ever be able to not notice that. Thanks.


@coasterspaul You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well your not alone there…


Maybe when they sleep the beds comes from an alternate dimension

Yes, yes I know how to explain these issues :smile:


Was that feature needed because goblins could sleep in beds from this dimension but not other ones? :stuck_out_tongue:

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wow, attention to detail much? :smile:

absolutely … thanks for having that eagle eye! :+1:


man, pixels are important. sometimes they keep me awake at night.

wait, what do you mean that’s weird. does no one else have that?



I’ve not found a topic for this, if there is one already, please ignore or delete mine. :smile:

Right now playing Alpha 12, release-465 (x64) and I have found the following:

Fine Bed Model (see the two yellow dots, the right one is offcenter)

Now as soon as someone lays down the yellow dot on the right jumps to the “right” position:

I think you use two models (one without Hearthling, one with sleeping Hearthling) so the first model should have the wrong voxel.

~ch1ck3n :chicken:

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hey there @ch1ck3n,

this was actually reported awhile back, gimme a sec and i’ll merge

hmm… i can’t seem to be able to find it, guess i’ll just leave this here for now, though maybe @SteveAdamo @Relyss or @jomaxro know the one i’m talking about…

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You will find what you need (the link to the previous report concerning this small problem + a fix) here.

Not sure if this is the thread you’re looking for, This one came to mind :wink:



Ah dang it. :fearful:

So I was too dumb to search. Apologies!

I think this thread can be deleted, I don’t mind and I think we don’t need duplicates. :smiley:


merged and tagged, not deleted :wink:

edit: also, @Beatrice, perhaps you should change the title, its kinda confusing.

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HOLY SHI**** Beatrice da**** you just made my day, how someone can see such details??? WOW im just amazed GJ!

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Thanks Beatrice! This has finally been fixed for the next build.