Clay Door Open Position

Only just noticed this while trying out the the latest build but the doors for Rayya’s Children open weirdly due to their smaller size to the wooden door they are based off causing a gap between the door and the wall. Now that I have noticed it i see it all the time. Any chance for this to be fixed? :grin:


How it looks with wooden door:

Yep this bugs me too… i wish it could be fixed somehow… but i doubt it would be a priority.

@jomaxro I think this should be in bugs…

This should be a relatively quick fix if they get around to it. I’ll page @Albert, as he was the one to let us know when the occupied-fine-comfy-bed-has-a-misplaced-voxel bug was finally patched about a month ago, and @Tom usually doesn’t notice @mentions.

I do think the misplaced voxel that @coasterspaul mentioned was classified as a bug report, so I guess we can move this there as well!

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Still an issue in A15.

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It seems like it’s always what seems like the tiniest bugs that stick around the longest.