[Res] Lua Calender script error

Lua Calender script error

This seems extremely intermittent and may be the result of another error (the fact that mobs just stopped showing up). Since my town reached Day 7, I’ve been getting these errors by the hundreds. At some point, the errors stop and I can close the window but it does take a while. Thank goodness, my new town is at day 18 :smile:.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create New Town.
  2. Wait…
  3. At some point, this error will pop up at 00:00 of a new day (in game time).

Expected Results:
no errors.

Actual Results:

See above.


Versions and Mods:
Alpha 4 v129

System Information:
Windows 7 x64
Nvidia GTX 560 ti
16gb ram
Intel Core I7-2600k @ 3.4GHz

Fixed. Thanks!

It’s possible this error could occur elsewhere too, so let us know if anyone sees something similar.


again with the 1AM work… ahh, how i “miss” those early baby days… :smile:

[tagged] this one, but we’ll leave it open based on your reply…