[1687] Task Groups called before town.lua is initialized on load

I get this error when I load my game on this village I’m working on, no idea what it means or does, but pops up every time I start this one save.

Anyone know what it means? game seems to run ok but with a couple little oddities nothing to game breaking tho, much like any other save.

If nothing is happening, then it shouldn’t mean anything out of the ordinary, as the game is still in alpha and many errors are to be fixed. However, if you want to report the error you should put this in the “Active Bug / Support”

If you click on the error in the red box, a black box will appear with more details on the specific error. Might help @sdee or whoever nail down what it is exactly.

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odd… will just tag this one as an “active bug” until we hear back from the team…

which version of the client are you running? any mods loaded?

Some module is trying to fire a task through town.lua before town.lua has initialized the task groups that assign people to things. I know this happens sometimes when you save/load and have farms. It could happen other times too.

Edit: can you mention what version of the game you’re running?

Sorry forgot the version am running steam 1687 and have the Color wildflowers mod and Why so Blue mod running.

no worries… have you tried a new game, with no mods installed?

I start new games all the time, mixing this mod or that or none, just most errors I see don’t keep popping up after the initial notification, this one pops after loading any save of this one game, build couple houses, saved, loaded and it’s there.

Isn’t a big deal, if a game gives me to many errors or really bug out the little people, I start a new one :smile:

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