Lua script errors - services/combat/combat/combat_service

Got this big ol’ error when I was playing a new city.

Sadly, I’m not sure on how I got it. I was being attacked and had one footman. Although, he was bloody useless and wouldn’t attack anything unless it was directly in front of him.

(sorry for the image link, evidently new users cannot upload images directly)

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hey there @SnowmanJazz … welcome aboard! :smile:

I’ve tweaked your post to show the image directly (you’ll be able to do this in time as well)…

as for the error, perhaps Team Radiant can decipher (but you can clearly see references to combat at the onset of the report)…

Apologies for the late post but thank you very much for having me! :smiley:

Thanks for the fix. Like I said, been trying to have it appear normal as such.

Thanks again!

It’s rather peculiar, I would get errors spamming my screen at the start of every new day. Was this popping up at the start of a day or was this just after a fight? It never broke my game, I closed it and the game continued as normal.