[Res] Floating units and critters!

so I started playing the r41 update and then had to leave for supper so i thought i would leave the people with some jobs of collecting berries, chopping wood, making beds, and make a house and would see what would happen after i got back. 3 hours past when i get back my people are having issues like these:

floating people who cant move after they get stuck. magic tricks…

shameful people leaving a plate of berries on the ground. they should better.

a poor guy still stuck in between a wall and a hard place.

but with alittle help by me, he gets saved and back to work he goes.

so it looks like sleeping is still possible while floating in the air. slackers

no rabbit, don’t start floating like the people!

after a little while later i find him to be floating. i warned you!


I’ve found some floating bunnies as well.

Seems they’re needs to be some code added to inform them that there breaking the laws of physics. O_O

stuck workers is a known (and comical) occurrence… however, since you’ve captured so many floating, let’s focus the report on that (i suppose)… :smile:

tweaking the title, and confirming based on @Ghost’s response…

so just for the records and stuff R42:
the Super Sheep!

Thanks for the bug report! I think this is related to the burrowing sheep bug which has been fixed internally. Let us know if you see this again in the next patch.

excellent! :+1:

will mark this as [Res]olved for now… we can circle back if this proves to be a big, ugly, hairy lie… :smile: