[Res] [Dev Build 2594] The Brave Carpenter, pathing choices and Crafting UI bugs

bug 1: Carpenter is walking repeatedly through lit fire pit between workstation & resource zone. Another citizen was making a regular habit of walking across the 4 dining tables surrounded by chairs while walking to a ladder. The citizens still identify the fire normally and path correctly. Only seeing unusual pathing choices with citizens who are working on assigned tasks.

bug 2 is carpenter crafting UI: Dragging queued on side of UI up and down on the list to remove item will create duplicates 80% of attempts. Can correctly remove duplicate but crafting items on duplicate still in queue does not in fact get crafted 100% of the time.

Bug 3 is minor - still seeing citizens getting stuck in mid air where previous mining zone existed and completed. No residual block under them or physics helping them drop until i use debug reset. Does not happen very often. Maybe 5% of attempts during groups of 5-6 citizens mining while crowded together.