[Res] [dev 2617 x64] rapidly reproducing rabbits running rampant

While I applaud their enthusiasm and dedication to the survival and expansion of their species, they breed like tribbles.

I think the reproduction rate of the rabbits could be turned down a smidge. I didn’t bother to fill out the bug report form for this, it’s more of a quirk than an actual bug.

After placing the rabbit pasture and enclosing it, it rapidly filled and they began to escape frequently through the gates (gate bug still active) quickly over running the valley I’m in. The shepard then spends most of his time trying to round up the strays.


Do you have an image ? :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to see that rabbit valley :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ll grab a screen shot when I’m in game tonight, lol. I shut it down right after this post (it was 3am) :smiley:


Hey, I want to see that, too! :laughing:

Well, rabbits are known for reproducing fast… :sweat_smile:


@yshan was too quick with the fancy finger work fixing the aforementioned fertile rabbit issue. Next time I started the game it was set to a manageable level :frowning:

The valley basically turned into a giant petting zoo lol


So are you saying we can move this to resolved? :smiley:


totally forgot, but if i’m not mistaken @yshan did say it was fixed… or at least was going to be fixed in the next patch… so just tag as [Ack] for now?

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Yeah, it has been fixed. It’s pretty much perfect now in terms of managing the population. :slight_smile:

(I had completely forgotten about this until now lol)

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oh, awesome! guess i’ll move it to res.