Rabbits getting stuck on bed

Summary: rabbits getting stuck on bed when following shepherd into bed

Steps to reproduce:

  1. get one or more rabbits to follow a shepherd
  2. make the shepherd sleep (mine was a normal bed)

Expected Results: i

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods where used and it was alpha 16 early acces date 05/05-2016

System Information:

It does not require a shepherd, I seem to always get a rabbit or squirrel stuck on a bed at least once during a game. But I can see it happening more often if they are following a shepherd. The Devs are tracking similar issues with critters getting stuck on window sill and other objects.

One thing that always seems to work is building a little ladder on the bed and the critter will hop, away.

personally i just moved the bed to the same location ( i changed them out with comfy beds and they ran away)

We have several issues like this one, for example the rabbits getting stuck on windows… :sweat:
But they’re bugs / side effects with lower priority.