Bugs the Bugged Bunny

Hey guys, I noticed that your pets can get stuck in your windows and could starve to death as a result. Thankfully a ladder worked well, and Bugs got to hop away to eat some carrots before anything bad happened.

Bugs stuck in a window:

Bugs escaping via ladder:

Steps to recreate the bug:

  1. Have buildings with windows at a low enough height.
  2. Wait for pets to go through the windows and get stuck
  3. Release your poor animal by putting a ladder in the window.

Before anyone asks, I named Bugs after Bugs Bunny, and had no idea they would be the subject of a bug.


So how exactly did Bugs get into the window in the first place? Hearthlings (unsure about rabbits) can only walk up 1 block but can jump down 2 blocks, so unless rabbits are backwards, not sure how Bugs got stuck…

He probably climbed on the furniture. My pets are not very well trained. I think I lost my fox Nick to this bug, since I can’t find him anywhere :frowning:

There is the interior of the house, and the window Bugs was stuck in.


Odd that Bugs can climb up workbenches but not down them. Thanks for the info!


Your welcome! I know this isn’t a very big deal in terms of bugs, but figured I’d share it anyways. If nothing else I found it quite humorous and hopefully someone else will too.