Request! Recycling Old Stuff

In Minecraft, there is a mod that lets you craft a workbench called the Recycler which allows you to break down stuff into their original ingredients or some of their original ingredients. I was wondering if this was possible here too? Like a new job that lets a hearthling take old stuff like low-level equipment and break it down into some of the original ingredients. like take an old iron helm and make it into 1 iron ingot and 1 bolt of leather. It takes 2 iron and 1 bolt of leather to make the iron helm so you lose 1 iron ingot by breaking it down basically. But it lets you recover some materials you would otherwise have an issue getting. I’m currently playing a floating islands map and I have 0 iron veins on my map so finding iron is very hard as just an example.


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It’s absolutely possible to add recipes such as these, and to add a job which would “craft” (uncraft?) those recipes. In fact, it would be a great place for a rookie modder to start out since they would be able to reference the existing jobs, item data, etc.

It would be more complicated if the mod also worked on items from other mods; that would be possible too it would just need a couple of tricks checking for the other mods so it can load in the extra items and their deconstruction recipes if they’re present.

How easy would it be to make a mod that automatically generates deconstructing recipes ? Adding deconstructing recipes to all the existing recipes sounds like a huge manual task to me.

It seems to me that if we are talking about recycling for necessity then it would make sense that the crafter who made the item should break it down as well. They would have the greatest knowledge of how it was made and from what items. It would be as easy as just adding recipes to each crafter under a “recycle” category. Also a dedicated Recycler seems like a waste of a Hearthling. Unless of course they would build, mine, harvest, and haul like a worker when they didn’t have any orders queued.

Like this?

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yes basically but i would rather it be it’s own job personally because i’m talking about breaking things down into base ingredients in less quantities than it took to make it to recover what they can and only what they can. if it were done by the person who made the item then they could recover ALL of the ingredients potentially and that could very well make it unbalanced in my opinion. I just made a sword that takes 2 iron ingots and now i need 2 iron ingots so i’ll just reclaim the 2 iron i used in that sword i just made to get back 2 iron ingots with little effort in turn. I’d rather it take 2 of those swords to get back 2 iron ingots to keep things balanced. I know these kinds of games are all about optimizing things and thus being able to reclaim ALL ingredients involved with the crafting process would be the most optimal, but I also think that would just make it unbalanced and too easy then. So someone who doesn’t know that sword was made might very well just melt the sword down into ONE ingot for simplicity sake. Realistically deconstruction isn’t always done by the original crafter in real life and i’d like to adhere to that logic if possibl basically.

i don’t know what the ingredients are for that air sword as I’ve never seen that crafting menu before but was it made out of those 2 oak logs only?

No. Those swords are made with magic essences that are destroyed by breaking them down. they also have mundane items such as clay and leather that are destroyed. Truth be told they are not even made from wood, I just put that together as an example of how it could be done very easily. I was not really going for optimizing. I figure if someone is living on an island so small as to be worried about not finding an ore vein, then they would not have enough extra resources (food, room, beds, etc) to support an extra hearthling. And due to the wear and tear the item has seen it may not be fully salvageable. It would be just as easy to make an entire job out of it though! Kind of a salvager with piles of raw materials laying about his/her workshop…

I disagree, the person that made an object might not be able to reclaim all the resources from deconstructing an item. For metal alike it makes sense that deconstructing an item will give you as much as you used in the first place since you can melt the whole sword and reuse it for something else. But let say that the handle of the sword was covered by leather, you cannot reuse it as much since it might have been cut into a leather strip. Same goes with wood.

To me it is less a question about who does the deconstructing than how much resource the deconstructing is giving back.

About iron, in video games it might not be balanced to be able to get back all the ingots by deconstructing. In Stonehearth I feel differently since the quantity of iron veins in a map is finite whereas for leather and wood it is infinite.

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I’m not sure I understand
what you are saying. It seem like you are just reiterating what I said above

And then:

The example sword did not return all of the ingredients needed to make it. Some items were destroyed in the reclaiming process.

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My message was essentially an answer to that sentence.

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What about the Engineer? It seems a good fit for them, and they don’t do all that much. They could even have a “Recycler” work bench added for the task


so nothing for this yet huh? :frowning:

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This post pretty much pushed me to do that in the goblins. I was already going to have them be able to burn wood items to make coal, but after reading this I also did the recycling stuff breaking items for basic wood, stone and clay.


SQUEE! I wish this could apply to the vanilla races toooo >w<;; lol I don’t really wanna play as goblins after all haha. BUT THAT’S REALLY COOL OF YOU TO TAKE MY REQUEST!

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