Ability Smart Crafter

I had this idea for some time but after seeing this mod I thought, why not post it.
Mod link Smart Crafter

My idea, maybe someone has alllllready posted something similiar but i was to dumb to find it :frowning:,
is that crafters reach level xy there will be an ability unlock that helps you craft stuff.
Like the Smart Crafter, after unlocking that ability the crafters does not need your help to craft stuff.
now you have to craft two iron ingot and then you can craft the iron mace
but with that level ability, the crafter will craft the two iron ingot automatically and then the iron mace.


nice idea - perhaps they can take over the codes from @Drotten and invert them in the game for later? its an great idea as an ability and at the start you learn what it needs and later when your citizens has grown he help himself ^^


I like that idea. I don’t think the current system has too much micromanagement in the beginning, but once you get to a huge town of 20+ people, micromanagement could be an issue in the late game. This sort of ability would somewhat stop that trend.