Reputation With Merchants

There has been a lot of suggestions concerning the merchant and the value of items. Well if we were to make a “constant” in the merchants, their name and such, the more you trade with them in the supply’s they offer (buy/sell) you could gain rep and level it up offering better good and discount. They could offer low item quality and fewer items at first.


a very good idea! i also think that they should have a limited amount of money when they come, so you cant just stock up on 50 fox pelts and become suddenly rich…

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This idea sounds awesome!

in some ways it would be cool if they did it kinda like skyrim, after awhile you start getting better deals from all merchants do to your good sales reputation… just food for thought.

edit: it would also make sense if yo could only sell stuff to certain types of merchants, so you couldnt sell your furs to a food merchant kinda thing…

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