REPEATFEED RᴇᴘᴇᴀᴛFᴇᴇᴅ RepeatFeed


Day -1


Yes, something like that… :smile:


Hey, wait a minute! You’ve clearly added something else since your conveyor diagram–I’m all confused now! What are those strange, brown, cube-ish things littered everywhere, and how are they being magically transported around without conveyors??

And why are there so many giant bird shadows now? I thought there was only one!!


wow!!!good.I like.make a mod!!!


@RepeatPan And “conveyor belt” in the same way. You can start to study “tracks and car”. Or the steam engine??? Train?? My god. That is funny!!


@Atralane right now:

New! Amazing! Revolutionary! Clean, Cheap Mines! Trade Unions Hate Them!

Are you tired of your mine being untidy? Have your workers recently broken their metaphorical-speaking arms and legs while tripping over some rubble that was not cleared away?

Are your citizens just too busy with survival to clean up the mines properly?


Now in 3D!


Walking on the conveyor belts? That can’t be safe!


its the first step towards treadmills…


@RepeatPan Oh my god!!! That’s great! You are very powerful! I really like your ability! When I was creative, definitely tell you!


But treadmills usually don’t have rocks going the other way.


its for those people who want the whole effect of hiking in mountains known to have rock slides… :wink:


I am in awe of the video titles.


Right now, Zulser just contains the conveyor belts, as seen in the videos (5 wood; craftable by a level 4 carpenter). I have plans to expand the mod however. I’d like Zulser to

  • be a mod about automatisation, machinery and all that fuzz without leaving Stonehearth’s setting too far behind.
  • The conveyor belts are the first part of it. They allow moving of items much faster than doing it by hand, while having some limitations. The AI is still work in progress; expect some minor changes there. I’ll need to see how people use them to make proper adjustments, too. Currently, they’re quite fast, and not very bright.
  • I’m not sure if things like auto-crafting will be added, because I feel like that’s something that can’t be really done in SH’s setting. However, I have some other ideas that add possibilities for other machines, especially in the theme of “going the extra mile”.
  • A machine won’t be just a machine either. I’ve got plans for them.
  • contain some sort of very simple energy network. It’s going to be easy to use and fun on top of that.
  • Easy to use: If you’ve played Cities Skyline, that’s about the kind of energy network that I’ll use, simplified.
  • Fun: Machines may draw power, but there’s so many different ways to produce or store energy. Giant springs? Mammoth in a rotating wheel? Why not?
  • add components and services that makes interaction with the machines/energy network rather easy.
  • of course, the whole energy business comes to mind - which will likely be modelled after some cruel mix of Minecraft’s systems (TE/RF, IC/EU, BC/MJ, AE).
  • another thing could be the conveyor API. For example, conveyors could be used to feed items directly into a machine, or take produce from a machine and deliver it close to/into a stockpile.
  • maybe adds new gameplay/mechanics
  • Besides the automation and energy stuff of course. There’s a few ideas floating around, but nothing too concrete right now.

I probably won’t work full-time on this mod, so it’s more of a pet project that I’ll revisit from time to time.

And now, back to RepeatFeed.


Did we ever really leave…?

Is it even possible in the first place??


Coded To Death

I’ve probably been listening to that song for over two hours by now. In the last three.

In other news, I’ve created a monster.


nice!!!The appearance of strange…



Don’t talk to her like that just becasue she has a failure in the genetic code does not mean yo can just bully her! :angry:



That title’s far too logical and normal.


@RepeatPan… we all know you are part machine (clearly the good part, given these fantastic movie titles), but even a machine needs rest once in a while…

it was only a handful of hours after you claimed to be heading to bed before you posted this latest creation… you need to get more rest, lest your creative capabilities suffer! :smile: