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careful @RepeatPan… with this glorious reveal, the internetz are on the verge of esploding!!!1!


my mind did esplode though… :smile: :grimacing: :open_mouth: :neutral_face: :no_mouth: :boom:


That was the most peaceful thing i’ve seen thus far… ever.


@RepeatPan Right!!! I want to effect is like that! That’s great! You can make a “factory” mod, you and I said? In the same way, you can make “tracks and harvesters”. This will be very great.


Okay, we need this in the vanilla game. Or at least some method of item transportation without wasting our Hearthlings’ valuable time.


Well, we can likely expect wheelbarrows or handcarts in the future, or some sort of pack at the very least.

Honestly, I’d vote for this mechanical stuff into the game. It’s just that there’s a huge fantasy-purist part of our community, and unfortunately, Radiant is somewhat leaning that way at the moment for Stonehearth. I guarantee you, though, I’m likely going to delve into the steam and industrial mods that come out in the future for the game.

And still to this day, I don’t understand your posts, @RepeatPan. It’s kind of like looking at those magic eye pictures.

Except I’ve never figured out how those things work.


Err, what part of an engineer class is ‘fantasy-purist’? :stuck_out_tongue:
I think Stonehearth is heading the way of Magic/Steampunk-lite ‘Medieval’. Kind of like a less modern more cutesy Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura:


Well, I’m aware of the Engineer. It’s just that whenever it’s been brought up, Tom always seems hesitant about outright steampunk elements, and he always describes the game primarily as fantasy or medieval (numerous fans are purists, not the game itself). There’s definitely some elements, but from what they’ve discussed it has been much more like a niche in gameplay than a core feature or the next stage in technological progression in the game.

Granted, this is all a long ways away. We haven’t even gotten water in the game yet.


EPIC!! :elephant: :trumpet:


Oh my dresses… :dress:

I almost forgot about them :expressionless:

If we could make those conveyor belts instead of roads, our hearthlings could forget about having to carry log after log :laughing:


i just imagined a hearthling riding on a conveyer belt… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Isn’t that called a treadmill?


Not if you don’t fight it. :slight_smile:


Do your Hearthlings not get enough corn in their diet? Fear not, the most innovative advance in exercise technology is here! It’s even healthier than running from goblins!1 Do your Hearthlings live their lives sedentary and idle? Don’t worry, this new technology restores the mind2 as well as letting any average Hearthling work their legs more than your trapper will on a daily basis3!

1Due to a substantially raised likelihood of survival
2As shown in a controlled study involving the mental stability of treadmill users who avoid map games and map game players who don’t use treadmills
3Based on calculations for a trapper stuck in his or her own trap for most of the day

The first person to figure out how far she’s run, in Voxels Of eXtremely Enconsistent Length [VOXELs for short] gets a Cookie Of OstraKization In Existence [COOKIE for short, but it doesn’t actually exist, nor does its spelling.]

“I’m So Meta, Even This Acronym” - xkcd


Lol @coasterspaul the above is an amazing post! The treadmill is great, the footnotes are historical and the closing quote…too much xD


I’ll just leave this here.

@RepeatPan when do we get a day 3?


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Just so you guys know, conveyor belts are one of the planned machines for my mod over here:

@RepeatPan Can you PM me some of the info for your conveyor setup? Shoot me the qb files and microworld too if you’re feeling especially generous :wink:

And to those talking about steampunk and factory stuff, PLEASE post ideas to my machines mod thread. There’s tons of things I can and plan to do and the more input I can get the better the results will be :smile:


Why do it in private when we can share it with the whole world?

I’m not completely cold hearted, however, so here’s the microworld code:


This could be the greatest conveyor belt discussion in the history of conveyor belt discussions.

Other than the creation of the conveyor belt. That must have involved one epic discussion on conveyor belts.