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Maybe you should make a “create mode”. Such as like “minecraft”.
1.Left-click to place entities,
2.right click delete.
3.Entity is immediate, it doesn’t require workers to carry or building.
I think can achieve?



this is the most by far insane thread i have come upon since being in this community

thank you…have a nice day…


embrace the insanity… its good for you… i mean, were all fine… right?


You know nothing.


Some of the posts here definitely rival those of Somerbreze* in confusingness (that’s a word, right??)

*I think that’s what he/she was called


Like this one?:

[quote="blackArcher52, post:103, topic:11079"] this is the most by far insane thread i have come upon since being in this community [/quote] Does @Geoffers747 need to give you his spiel about how the map game is evil, will destroy your sanity, and may turn you into glue?


Shhhhhhhh. Let’s not mention the unmentionable.


i forgot about the wombat one


yeah lets not


#Map Game Discourse!

The most wonderful place on earth!

[size=8]Brought to you by Dwalus & Co.[/size]


I want to write on official behalf of RepeatFeed that map games and map game related discussions are not allowed.

I’m still hurt that glorious GLODEPERANT was denied back then.


Umm… You should have expected it with such an odd nation.

Nevertheless, I shall abide by your rules, oh great and mighty @RepeatPan.


Back on topic(?), @RepeatPan, I noticed the last video specifies a revisiting of medieval mathematics. I can’t help but say I’m curious as to how the first encounter went.


It involved cows, flying, and a huge mess.



GLODEPERANT can be in the upcoming Map Game.


Too late, too little.


I am pretty sure it’s the other way around.


It must must not be opposite day or something.


It usually is, but I wanted the emphasis on the “too late”.

Anyway, carry on. Have a gif of a previous project of mine.