Render_mob crash


Exact error message in log:
2019-01-08 10:32:19.420091 | client | 1 | renderer.animation | can’t switch to animation [Animation idle]; startTimeMs = 0 not in range [0, 0]

Repeats every 10-20ms or less. Causes eventual crash.



stonehearth.rar (5.6 MB)


No crash.dmp

Versions and Mods:

Version * ACE

System Information:

Windows 10, External Monitor, GTX 1070

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here: Crashing on start? Read this! UPDATED October 18, 2016

No steps relate to problem.


Fixed by deleting object(Decoy Hearthling) with bugged animations. @Relyss is the best!!

Extra Help:

I have found a workaround for those who feel doomed by the imminent crashing bug, simply restart your game after an hour-hour and a half depending on what your computer can handle. This will refresh the log, while it doesn’t fix anything, you can have control over your saves back and not lose any worlds effected by this. You could also gauge the time a crash will occur using the log’s filesize of a game that did crash, and making sure it doesn’t get close to that size again. The log I posted above was a whopping 190mb. I will be attempting to empty the log with the game open, wish me luck.

(Anyone confused as to why this may be a problem, updating a file that fast can be done, but the process becomes more of a strain the bigger the file is.)

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