Crash with "animation error"? (delete animation cache)

I’ve been happily playing up to this point when unprovoked, the game completely crashes and now whenever the game is loaded (with or without mods) i crashes after a few moments, but only if the game is unpaused.
The error reads:
Assertion Failed: ((char *)next - _base) <=

i’ve searched for the file path and cant find anything. if anyone knows anything pls respond, I’ve reinstalled, restarted, i’m out of ideas!

I wonder if your animation cache is corrupted. Try deleting the animations folder in your Stonehearth folder. Don’t worry - those are not the actual animations; just the cache, which will be regenerated next time the animation is loaded.

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Is it always at the same point in the game? Is there a specific ling going to do something when it crashes?

it is but i cant see anything happening that hasn’t happened before.

Eyy It worked! Cheers mate!