Gameplay Error While Playing

I keep seeing this error after playing for couple minutes:

Assertion Failed: ((char*)next-_base)<=_len(C:\rb\ihome\root\SH-OBO-BUILD\Stonehearth\source\resources\animation.cpp:191)

Can anyone help me w/ this :<.

are you using any mods?

I use:

  • ACE
  • Autoharvest Mod
  • Lostems
  • Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome
  • No More Dirt Holes
  • Small (1/2) and Large (x2) Maps
  • Armis Maximus
  • What’s stuck
  • UnitFramePlus
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Nordlingmod
  • Rivers
  • Bigger Re-Embarkation
  • Box command tool
  • Dense field
  • Settlement Decor

unstable version or stable version of ace?

The one on Steam Workshop :sweat:.

thats the stable version. hmm :confused: probably not ace i think @DaniAngione?
i know i dont touch it (nordlingmod)
i think dense fields ocasionall causes trouble, and i dont think autoharvestmod plays nice with ace? but thats all i can think of honestly.

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Delete the “animations” folder. That’s a corrupted animation cache.


Thanks i will to then because i also had these errors :jubilant: <3

Do know a solution for this one?

I was encountering this error every 1-5 hours until I adjusted my graphics settings towards higher qualities. I also enabled ambient occlusion and anti aliasing. I also had this occur when an enemy is within attack range but is stuck in an area they cannot attack from. Typing Ctrl C, selecting enemy mobs and typing destroy is a great clearing method for anything hung up.

Hope this helps!

There is a known error with the Decoy Trap animation as well (it’s listed on the known errors of ACE);
If you have any Decoy Traps, remove them as quickly as you can when you load (alternatively, just CTRL+C to open console and type “destroy” and press enter with them clicked to completely vaporize them)

That’s the only error related to animations with ACE that I could think of in the current stable version. Oh, and the bunny archers with crossbows one!