Mysterious midgame crash, ACE?


Immediate crash to desktop, no error message from Stonehearth nor Windows. Happened 3 (Edit: 4!) times in a row now, but sadly, I have no savegames (I have one but that’s quite some time before the crash, dunno if reconstructable) (Edit: have one now, see below)

I do have two stonehearth.log files, though, and a crash.dmp, if that helps.


stonehearth01.log (44.1 KB)
stonehearth02.log (178.6 KB)


crash.dmp (272.5 KB)

for the second log

Versions and Mods:

Sh latest branch, ACE unstable (0.9 I think? I updated a few times between the two logs), some mods probably not related to this (Firefly, LostEms, Beam, Danis Core, Glassworks, Finery, Home Sweet Home, Kay Monkeys Landmarks 0.1, Lodewell Lights, Realistic Farming (ACE), Piles+, Primitive Armory, Settlement Decor, Signery, Doorways)

I’m pretty sure they are not related, because I think most of them weren’t enabled for the first crash, except some decor mods. And I`m absolutely sure these are not the problem, because I used them for ages and didn’t crashed like this.

I can provide my current version of ACE that was used while getting the second log. I don’t have the version for the first one, though. The .zip file is too big to upload here, so I would need another way for that.

System Information:
Win7, GTX780ti, external monitor, 16GB RAM

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here: Crashing on start? Read this! UPDATED October 18, 2016

Doesn’t apply to me


We did discuss that problem in the ACE Discords, but didn’t find any solutions, so maybe you guys know anything about it. It’s a fatal memory stats error, like some others around here get, most of them seemed to be ACE related and were fixed with updates.

For the game, I don’t really remember the first log, but for the second, that was pretty early ingame (still first season), RC in the desert, didn’t made much stuff from the mods yet. First stockpile was filling up, some farms, a building in planning, a big trappingground, footman, cleric, potter, blacksmith, weaver, something about that. No buildings finished, some mining operations going on. Choose the strength banner, didn’t got the hearth quest yet.

Edit: Got a third crash log for you… did remove all enemies this time.
stonehearth.log (148.7 KB)
crash.dmp (260.0 KB)
auto_save.rar (4.8 MB)

Can’t be much more that a day after this save.

I didn’t see any zombies coming, though the log seems to adress that regarding attack problems. That could be a lead?

Update: The first group of zombies made it! I’m so proud of them…

From what I can tell in the logs, something is wanted to be attacked, and it is impossible. It looks as if it’s a Zombie’s Loot Chest, take a look around your map and try to clean up misfit mobs/objects. Ladder access routes all around your map so pathing errors won’t stack up into an inevitable crash. I hope this helps, I was able to avoid very similar problems using these steps. If it is extremely common, try downloading the Small Map/Large Map Mod by BrunoSupremo, smaller maps will make laddering an entire area a less daunting task, as well as create less opportunities for such a bug to occur.

Hope this helps!

But that has to be fixed! That’s not something to be tolerated and we do have more than enough known bugs with workarounds. That’s fine as long we don’t loose hours of playing.

Also, I can’t always just go and kill mobs that are too dumb to spawn correctly. It would be much smarter to check spawnlocations first to counter this. At least, if the real culprit is not found.

And it’s quite suspicious that I never encountered this before.

Reports like this do help solve bugs when it comes time to fix such things! My theory is that this occurs when a mob has been killed on the edge of a hill/mountain, and the prompt to destroy their goodies quickly follows if within range, but if unreachable, it is left in a command limbo, looping further into darkness… :stuck_out_tongue:

got a third one. All enemies removed as soon as I could.