Removing buildings

the game hasn’t come up with an error yet, but in my game I set out a large number of building then connected them with roads and now the hearthings woundn’t build it and I can’t remove it so I’m stuck with a empty space that i can’t build on. I think it might be because the roads are confusing the AI but I’m not sure

Hello, @besboy :smiley:

I think I’ve seen a similar report regarding the use of roads, but I can’t find it…

As a possible workaround, if you have a previous savefile, load it and don’t connect the buildings with roads. Build them one by one, and once they are all built, draw the roads and build them. I think that should work (any forum user, correct me if I’m wrong).

Anyway, if you could upload the affected savefile to this thread: [A16/A17] The buildings my hearthlings will not build (round 2!)
the devs can take a look at your case :slight_smile: