Building removal

There’s no reason for you to be unable to remove a building.

Other than there was a series of bugs with building removal in prior alphas. It’s been temporarily removed until they get those straightened out. :slight_smile:



I hadn’t known they had attempted it! Do you have links to dev posts or other information about it?

Apart from the greyed out remove button in the building UI there are a host of bug reports about it somewhere on here.

Deconstruction was more buggy than construction. Hearthlings would start it fine but then randomly stop half way though and take the scaffolding down forever abandoning the building.
The other major thing was that you would get a scar left on the ground where the building had been, if you were lucky enough for your hearthlings to actually complete the removal.
It’s for this reason that I think we won’t see the ability to remove a building until hearthlings can place blocks of soil back in the ground and the Geomancer has been implemented. (These two things kind of go hand in hand)

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ya even before this simply increasing the number of actions the eraser remembers and being able to remove interior walls would be great as well (cuz you can still control+C delete entire builds pretty easily), or just being able to mine out buildings that have been built just like everything else in the world.

I don’t have a dev blog handy but as Freedom says there’s a bunch old bug reports on this forum, and it’s in one of the sets of release notes for one of the version updates.