Remove items that are yet to be placed

When making a building or placing items you sometimes place an item and then decide that you want another item in its place or don’t want the item there at all. So you want to delete the item from the map or your building schematic. I do not understand why that’s impossible. I can delete doors and windows by dragging them and then clicking the right mouse button but items such as lights just snap back to their previous place. Now I use the destroy command to remove their placement schematic before the item is placed as a workarround but this shouldn’t be necessary. Being able to remove an item before it is placed by using the delete button and/or a menu button would make building creation much nicer.

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The eraser does not work?
Top left at the custom build menu. Just below the undo

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No it does not. If you select the eraser tool and then left click an item, it just selects the item. Furthermore there is no eraser tool in the item placement tool, so if it would work then the problem would still partially exist.

When you mentioned dragging doors and windows I assumed you were in the build menu, not just using it as example.
Yeah, after you place an item (not in build mode), you need to wait for a hearthling to deploy it and only after that you can move it… I just now struggled with it in my game… :sweat:
But it is strange that even in build menu the eraser is not working for you… Another bug I guess.

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The eraser does work on slabs and floors, just not on items (and not on roofs and walls).

It always works on items for me when I’m editing the building, but it is a bit finicky.