Deleting furniture once it is placed

In A16 left clicking once on a piece of furniture would delete it after it has been placed, this has been taken out of A17 (3013), I know @sdee mentioned it in a couple of streams and always said that clicking the object shouldn’t remove it but I found this a useful feature.
Say if you have a template with furniture in it and then don’t want the hearthlings to place the furniture for a specific build, say you wanted to use one of the ascendancy house designs as a storage building. In A16 you could just delete the bed before building the house, now in A17 that is impossible you have to build the building with the bed in it and then remove the bed later once it has been placed. (clicking undo removes the entire building)

I suggest reintroducing the delete function but mapped to shift left click instead.

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Can’t you delete furniture with the eraser tool? Select that tool, and then single click on furniture to delete. Make sure it is what is highlighted though. This can be used for windows and doors as well. At least from what I have seen from a specific youtuber.

I’ve only used it for slabs and furniture. I guess I’ll have to see if that method still works…


ooo I’ll give it a try thanks :slight_smile:

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Yeah the slab erase tool works on furniture, thanks :slight_smile:


Yang is going to try moving that to a more central place; try it with the current build!