How do I undo placement of furniture?

I accidentally placed a bed in the wrong spot, and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. The undo button doesn’t seem to want to rid of furniture, but only the actual house. I had to undo the entire house in order to stop them from placing the bed.
Is there a way to undo placement of furniture, while it’s still in it’s transparent blueprint state?

Not that I’m aware of. I’ve been able to do it using the wall view, but I’d suggest waiting until its placed, then undeploying it and trying again.


How did you place the furniture? With the build dialog tools or with the place item tool? If its the build dialog, then the undo button should get rid of it in the reverse order to which you added it. If it is the place item tool, you should be able to click on the ghost and undeploy or redeploy from there.

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When placing furniture in the custom build mode, the undo button only removes the construction aspects of the build but furniture can be placed regardless of the build so it will have to be done using either the cancel job or removed once it has been placed.

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Urgh. You’re right there. The furniture placed during the design of a building is not undoable of itself. It’s part of whatever it is attached to. So all the stuff you place on the floor is part of the floor and all the stuff on a wall is part of that wall.

That’s really obnoxious and wrong. I hadn’t played around with that part of the building dialog before.


un fortunately no you can however replace it or wait for it to be placed then move it where you wanted it

First you need to press Cntrl + C , then click on the furniture ghost, Then type destroy in the console.

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