Clear items not working

Destroy items has two problems

  1. The big red cross above the item seems to be disappearing, without the item being destroyed.
  2. Selecting the item is difficult. I can’t click on the item, I have to select the ground around the item. 4/5 times it doesn’t work, and I have to continually reselect the ground area before it registers.

Steps to reproduce:
Try to delete an item.

  1. Delete an item
  2. Wait a minute or so
  3. Observe that the order has been cancelled

Expected Results:
Item removed
Actual Results:
Item remains
This is occurring with a door.

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

Hi @Meg_Ryan :slight_smile:
Is the door touching something? Slabs, terrain (it’s blocking the entrance for a tunnel), walls (it is part of a house)…


Yeah, it’s a part of a house. It’s worked before. Is it not supposed to work?

Well, modifying buildings after they’ve been built is not supported at the moment (except for adding / removing furniture).

When I try to reproduce your case, I often end up destroying some column or wall too (you might leave a floating roof that way, I think). You may need to enclose the whole door with the clear tool’s area, and avoid any other part of the building, that way it should be marked correctly.

If you want to change a door, you would need to do it at design time (like, place a template, click on the door with the eraser tool, and place the new door). But I can see why you need to do it afterwards (e.g.: want to leave a hole in the wall, or didn’t have the fancy door when you built the house).

The building designer is getting a revamp, probably not for A20, but hopefully soon. Nikki is working to address all these issues that restrict the players from building what they want.