Clear option does not work

I noticed the ‘clear’ command dose not work with a few items.
so far I have noticed this with gold chests (money) and health tonics

not sure if this one is linda yang sdee or someone else?

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Interesting…I’ve never tried using the clear command on gold or tonics before…

@yshan would likely be able to assist. I dug into the json files for those items, and can’t see anything different with them then something else, like oak_logs which are cleared successfully.

that is strange . I was messing around to see if clearing some of the items out of the map would help.
a trader popped up so I sold a ton of things.
1100 clay
550 stone
450 treads
200 and 300 silkweed/tumbleweed
200 health tonics and the game seemed to bog down even more once I sold them >.<

Hi all,
There’s a bug with the clear option on some items (ex: Food baskets). I’ve re-written it in a15 so that it will be able to clear almost everything except things like hearthlings.



works getting done fast, cant wait till a15:smile:

Hi @yshan, thanks for your hard work.
Question: Does Clearing then also work for ghost items? At least for those that, for some unknown reasons, were never replaced with an actual object and thus always spoil the nice atmosphere in a flourishing town. :slightly_smiling:

Okay, Where do you find the clear command? I’ve reached cap on items and have over 20 rotten food baskets to delete, yet don’t see how.

hey there @Aurrie

the clear command is under the “harvest” tab, here’s a pic,

hope that helps :slight_smile: