Clear command can destroy things it really shouldn't

The Clear command in the Harvest menu is capable of destroying your Camp Standard and Fire Pit. It probably shouldn’t be able to destroy the Camp Standard at least, since the game needs that to handle trader/caravan events. Not sure if deleting the Fire Pit breaks anything, but it feels like it shouldn’t be allowed either.


The fire pit isn’t very important for anything on the game yet since being cold/hot has no effect on your earthlings. The Camp Standard in the other hand is very important, and if you were to delete it, then you wouldn’t be able to trade. To the moment, I didn’t even know the clear commands could do that…

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good point @Tuhalu

this almost seems like it should be under suggestions suggestions instead of support-active bug

It’s probably a bit of both, but since I’m pointing out something you can do in game that can break parts of your game, it feels like it’s more of a bug.